About Us

The Casino


It’s a mad, mad world out there… On our way to help Nutty Johnson find his way we stumbled upon a casino of universal proportions. It turned out that this was no mere luck… destiny had

spoken. The casino would help Nutty in his long journey home. However, the destination is set, yet the journey has only just begun. Step into a whole new world of opportunity.

Crazyno offers players an exclusive look into the future, where things have not turned quite the way we expected. For one, dog biscuits have replaced petrol as the main fuel. This is mainly due to the fact that dogs talk now. Yep! Because of them interplanetary travel is possible.

But their chef-d'œuvre is without a doubt Crazyno. The best casino in the Milky Way, making it the best casino in the known universe. From here our story begins, with a simple Sign Up….

Customer Satisfaction

You don’t build the greatest casino in the galaxy just like that. Since day one Crazyno has been loyal and fair to its customers bringing it to the forefront of online casino industry!

Crazyno is just one of our many successful brands, and as such we transfer our skills and know-how to this casino, making sure that players get treated as well as a man’s best friend treats his owner.

With a ruff and a whoof Crazyno provides all players with the perfect grounds to settle… You have arrived at your destination: the ultimate online casino. 

License / Regulation

Topia Solutions N.V. GLH-OCCHKTW0710042017

Security and Safety

Be sure not to get on Nutty Johnson’s bad side. For a good boy he sure has a tendency to explode whenever his owner gets even slightly damaged or maltreated. Crazyno uses the latest 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to ensure that sensitive data is transferred securely over the Internet to our secure servers, which are protected by the latest firewall technology. We develop and employ state of the art systems that ensure and maintain a secured gaming experience. Our team follows the highest security standards and Gaming industry practices to ensure the highest level of security for players and operators alike.

Behind that bright smile is a line of sharp teeth with cheaters’ and hackers’ name on them…


How can you be the greatest online casino in the known universe without having some killer promos? Crazyno offers its players compelling promotions all sprinkled with just the right amount of stardust.

Adding to that are some exciting daily, weekly and monthly promotions that will make your tail go wild!

Doggie Biscuits

Nutty goes nuts for these. But not for the reason you think. In Crazyno’s world biscuits are used to build and fuel crazy spaceships that help out our friend reach his home planet. Players earn doggie biscuits by depositing and wagering. Each planet has a certain limit that needs to be reached in order to finalize the last adjustments to the spaceship before launch off.